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Fita de Yoga, branca em Algodão Orgânico

Cotton Yoga Strap

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White strap made of sturdy cotton.

Helps deepen stretching in yoga asanas.

Used as an extension of the arms and hands, it allows extended reach. It is also useful for staying in demanding asanas for a longer period of time. The buckle made of chrome D-rings holds the strap securely to the desired length.

This very practical yoga belt will allow you to perfect your asanas step by step and at your own pace, reducing the risk of injury.

As a result of Yoga embracing cork partnership with a German manufacturer, we are proud to add this item to our non-cork range of procuts.

Color white

Manufacturer: YS

Weight: 0.227 kg

Length: 260cm

Width: 4cm

Height: 0.3 cm