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Why buy a meditation cushion?

5 Quick Answers to Questions You Should Consider Before Buying a Meditation Cushion


Homem a meditar sentado em almofada de cortiça

1- Is it necessary to have a cushion to meditate?

Of course not. You can meditate virtually anywhere and in any posture, as well as using a towel to sit on. However, many practitioners feel that having material dedicated to their practice helps them remember and reinforce their commitment, as well as deepening their sense of engagement with it.


2- Can I make my own pillow?

It's a good idea, and if you have a knack for crafts and some spare time, you'll probably be very pleased with a cushion you've created yourself. You can search the internet for different models for pillows to help you decide. Then you will have to choose the fabric, pattern and color. Make sure you make a choice according to your conscience, taking into account the source of the material, its resistance, the possibility of recycling when it is time to exchange and the industry you are supporting with your choice.


3- Am I in the right position?

It is important that, if we are going to spend 10 minutes or 1 hour in the same position, that it is comfortable and that it does not harm our spine. Try to respect the natural curves of the spine. When sitting cross-legged, having something to elevate your hips and torso allows your legs to rest comfortably.


4- I want to have a pillow, but then I want it to be pretty, is it unnecessary vanity?

You can be proud of your pillow, and it even makes life more colorful, but remember that nothing in this world is really ours, at least permanently. Based on that principle, go ahead! Enjoy your pillow!


5- Will having a pillow help me meditate more regularly?

This is an answer that only you can give, however we can observe in our lives that what we dedicate more time, energy or attention to tends to expand. Having your own material that you have an emotional relationship with and that you associate with your practice will definitely help.


Good luck and best practices!

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