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Don\'t Buy Cork Yoga Blocks! Know when...

Buying Cork Yoga Blocks Might Not Be the Greenest Choiceand this article reveals 3 reasons why cork yoga blocks can be your right choice while also explaining when they are not.

People buy cork yoga blocks for 3 main reasons:

1 - They are the most environmentally friendly choice.

To make wooden blocks we have to cut down the tree, to make plastic we have to use oil, to make cork blocks we just need to remove the bark from the cork oak, and the best thing is that in doing so we are guaranteeing that the cork oak will produce more cork and thus absorb more CO2 (cork oaks fix 4 million tons annually). We won and nature wins.

Cork is a 100% natural and fully recyclable material.

2 - They are 100% Portuguese.

Portugal is the world's largest producer of cork and taking advantage of this fact, cork yoga blocks are made entirely in Portugal, from where they are exported all over the world.

3 - They have some curious features!

Cork is hypoallergenic, slow burning and does not emit gases or flames.

It is mildew resistant and does not rot.

It's something that takes generations, a cork oak (which can last hundreds of years) planted today, only gives the first cork in 25 years, and then only every 9 years.


However, if we think about it,your purchase is not the greenest choice when:

We already have blocks of other material and we don't need more blocks. In these cases, probably the most ecological choice would be to use what we already have. Or only trade if we have an end to them.


Thank you and best practices!

Luis and Ana,

Cork Yoga Team.


PS If you don't have an order for your wooden or plastic blocks, you can send them to us, and in return you will receive a voucher of €1 per block. We take care of reusing them or forwarding them to situations where they can be used and thus helping to make their life cycle more useful for everyone.


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